Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Never Too Late Too Learn Something or Try Something New

HairQueen News

This April I attended the Spring Style Hair show in San Jose, CA. It was fun to wander the exhibit halls, chat with colleagues from Framesi and to attend a hair color class on techniques for Balayage.  It's true you are never too old too learn and it's never too late to get out of a rut whether you are in or behind the chair. It is humbling, fun, and freeing to discover new ways to bring high-lights and low-lights to the wonderful heads of hair I am privileged to serve every day. 

Trends of the Season

It's officially Spring! That means it's time to sport those Spring trends!

Choppy Lob

A great laid-back look to pretend you just spent all day at the beach.  Great angled, tousled bobs with balayage.

Fringe Baby Bangs

A quick way to change up your look for the Spring season.  Nice bold color for bold fringes.

Icy Buzzcut

For the boldest of the bold, there's this look straight from the Spring 2016 fashion runway shows.  Love this close crop.

Product of the Month

For the month of May, enjoy a 10% discount on all hair brushes/combs/rollers and hot tools!

A good brush is good for your scalp and good for your hairstyle.

Velcro rollers and back.

A good dryer saves drying time

Let's talk brushes and combs next time I see you!

Question & Answer Corner


Is it true it can take hours to go from dark to light? Is that why it costs so much?


Yes it's true for both the time and the money.  Many beauty blogs and magazines are showing brunettes that are super light or have multi-colored hair such purple and blue.  These are looks that take several processes and lots of bowls of hair color and or bleach.  For virgin hair, it can be a faster process but for clients with previously coloured hair the service can take longer depending on how many levels of lift are needed to remove the artificial pigment.  Let's talk reality before you become a blond bombshell or a rainbow goddess.

Runs Businesses with Scissors

We made it through Tax Season--now what!  First take a breather and then take a look at your business through the eyes of your clients, employees and neighbors.  April is a good time to spring clean.  Here is an  check list to get you started:

  • If you have a store front, is it appealing?
  • Is your signage clean and visible?
  • Is the lobby, front desk clear of clutter?
  • Is your inventory up to date or dated?
  • Are the work areas free of dust and dullness?
  • Are you sporting a fresh cut and or color?
  • Are your services priced accordingly?
  • Do you have your promotions planned?
  • Do you have your time off planned?
  • Do you have goals for yourself and your team so you can call thrive?

Is this list overwhelming? Do you need help? Let's talk, call me to set up a time to tell me about your situation? Contact me at 510-545-2955 or to set up a consultation.

Client Corner

James Jordan

I have been working in the San Francisco Bay Area technology industry for almost twenty years.  My expertise comes from years of managing SEO projects for ad agencies, web companies, and small businesses.  My business can be found at

I have seen our local brick and mortar small businesses challenged by global businesses who take advantage of the internet to crowd out our community resources.

Believe it or not the playing field can be leveled.  BAY SEO knows a focused dedicated team of SEO professionals can get you the attention you deserve on the search engines.

I have assembled a behind the scenes team of writers, developers, marketers, and designers who will help us level that playing field.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Showers

HairQueen News

It is Spring and time to think about a Spring Haircut or Fresh Spring Hair Color.  Recently I took a Balayage Class to freshen up my color skills.  Balayage means to "sweep" or "paint" in French.  With this technique I am able to create softer less noticeable regrowth lines.  This is especially helpful for blond and silver haired clients. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft natural looks.  Although of course as is often the case to create something simple takes time, technique, and expertise.  If you would like find out if this technique is right for you, let's talk at your next hair appointment.

In the meantime here is a recent example of a Balayage for a Brunette whose hair I have been reverting from all over Color to Prestige Silver and Brunette.

For hair appointments, contact me at 510-545-2955 or or go on line to

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stress-Free Tax Season

Runs Businesses with Scissors

Tax season is a stressful time of year for everyone, but especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

It's this time of year that I like to focus on de-stressing. These are my tips for staying stress-free during tax season:

  • Make a cup of tea and review all your income and expenses for 2015.
  • Hire a professional bookkeeper to review that all your income and expenses are sorted out properly.
  • Hire a Certified Public Accountant and give everything from your bookkeeper to the CPA
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the bookkeeper and the CPA.
  • Don't cry if this is overwhelming, as a small business owner you wear a lot of hats - Chief Financial Officer is only one of them.
  • Contact Suzanne** and set up an appointment so she can help you get organized for next year.
  • Remember you know more than you think you do!

Client Corner

This month's client is Kyra from Vermeulen & Co:

Kyra's professional story starts in her teens when she fell in love with theater and costume design. Her love of the arts, especially modern fashion and historical costuming, has been balanced by practical skills in business and accounting.  A California native, she wrote her Bachelor’s thesis on sustainable fashion and is passionate about making a positive global ecological impact around how people select and buy clothing.

Along with Co-founder, Bree Hylkema, she launched Vermeulen & Co. in 2012 with a commitment to Slow Fashion.  The casually elegant clothing combines fit and function with an easy, polished style and is designed and sewn locally (in the Oakland Bay Area), in shapely sizes ranging from 2-18.  High-quality fabrics such as organic cotton, silk, Tencel, and wool lend both a luxurious feel and sophisticated look to take you from a day at the office to a gallery opening or night on the town.
Visit the website at to see current offerings. For a free private fitting appointment in their Oakland studio, email


Question: Do I have to keep on recruiting for new talent?

Answer: Yes, it is hard to predict when a member of your staff will decide to move on, open their own business, or find a different opportunity that works for them.  It is best to recruit consistently and when need be, recruit like mad.  New talent can come from many different parts of our lives. One of the best employees I have ever had was introduced to me by a friend of a friend of my neighbor.  I did not need a stylist at the time but I said I would talk to him, we still work together today.  It is important to keep recruitment as one of the tools in the "working on your business" rather in than "in your business" tool kit.

** If you need help de-stressing your business life, contact me at 510-545-2955 or to setup a consultation.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two Heads are Better Than One

Runs Businesses with Scissors

I have noticed as a long time business owner that I need to know how to do a little bit of everything. I need to make sure every aspect of my business is running smoothly, so it's up to me to not only be a skilled hairstylist, but to also be skilled in

  • business management
  • bookkeeping
  • marketing
  • human resources
  • financial operations
  • inventory
  • communications
  • licensing etc.
This is why it's so important to diversify your skills, while continuing to hone your specialty skill.

For me, my specialty skill is hairstyling. As a business owner, over the years through trial and error and shear determination it turns out I have developed many complementary skills that have helped my businesses be successful.  One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire myself a business consultant many years ago.  My consultant has guided me through many trials and tribulations, successes and failures, celebrations and losses.

As artists and entrepreneurs, we often excel in our passion, but we also need to develop these other business skills to ensure our success. Without proper business management, bookkeeping, marketing, etc, a business cannot succeed, regardless of how passionate you may be.


After decades as a business owner, I have enjoyed consulting with my consulting clients and I am eager to share my knowledge with others, which is why I'm offering a promotion to my consulting clients!

Refer a friend, and after they come in for their first consulting session, both of you will get 50% off your next session!

February is the month of love, so show some love to yourself, your business and a fellow business pal. The two of you can grow your businesses together!

Client Corner

This month's Client Corner is showcasing Kelliane Parker:

Kelliane is co-founder of Time To Go Social. TTGS is a boutique social media and digital marketing agency serving small, independent businesses. Kelliane has spent the last 2 decades providing education and support to small, local businesses. Her company specializes in teaching small businesses how to successfully run their own social media and digital marketing. She and her business partner, Julie Mitchell do this through workshops or one on one consulting, personalized to each individual business needs. Whether you need to build an editorial calendar, set up Hoot Suite or just learn about engagement and social listening, they have a solution for your business needs.

Check out Time To Go Social at



How do I avoid burnout now that I have my dream business but it feels like a bit of a nightmare? Help, help, help!!


First, pat yourself on the back for admitting that you are feeling fed up and overwhelmed by wearing all the hats of a business owner.  Take a deep breath and give me a call to tell me about your situation.  Together we can create a plan to get you back to your love affair with your wonderful business.  The plan may look different to what you expect but then again doesn't your business look different to how you expected?

You do not have too do this alone.

Call or email now. You can reach me at 510-545-2955 and

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love is in the Hair

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Ti's the day we celebrate love.  Whether you have a date or not,
it is a good day to try a new "do".  Have you planned what you're going to wear to your romantic date night out or your night in? How are you going to do your hair?

Trends of the Season

This season's trend is asymmetry. Try a one-sided hairstyle this Valentine's Day!

Low Side Bun

Loose Side Braid

Side Swept Curls

Question of the Month


If I put coconut oil on my hair, will it fix my split ends?


The only solution to split ends is a haircut. So schedule an appointment for a haircut today!

Client Corner

One of my recent clients wanted a hair transformation.  We took her from black to purple, purposefully leaving her roots black.  It took over three hours to lighten and then dye her hair purple.

Check out these pictures of her that she sent to me with lots of thumbs up from her friends and family!

February Promotion

Framesi's Color Lover will make your hair color last longer. Avoid the color fade with Color Lover! Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free! Take advantage of this promotion!

HairQueen News

January knocked me off my feet.  The day before I flew to Dallas for my father-in-law's 80th birthday the hot water heater in my business died.  We went from hot to tepid to cold before noon.  This was a test of patience, resilience, flexibility and faith.  I had a full day of clients as did my boutique mates.  We soldiered on whilst my assistant, Lorenzo tracked down a hot water heater repair service and we made arrangements to have the heater replaced the next day. I had a flight at 9.30 am and the repair service was there at 8.00 am as promised to replace the heater.  

This is the life of the small business owner.  The trickster reminding us to have a plan for the unexpected, the dollars to cover the costs, and the willingness to delegate and ask for help.

What is your plan, how do you navigate the waters of uncertainty?

Do you need help, guidance, suggestions for your own emergency preparedness?  Perhaps it is time to work on your business whilst in your business.  Need help? Let's talk.

Feel free to contact me through phone or email: 510-545-2955 or

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life in the Plan Lane

Runs Businesses with Scissors

Gosh it's officially the middle of January 2016 and that means you should have already made a business plan for the year. How are you going to make 2016 your best year yet? I encourage you to include plans for both your business life and your personal life, 2016 here we come!

Two aspects that I notice are often overlooked when developing a business plan are marketing and scheduled time off.

Marketing not only brings in new customers, it also helps maintain loyal clients, and let's them know that you value them very, very much.   I strongly encourage you to plan at least one quarter ahead.  January is well underway, what are you doing for February and March?  Need help, give me a call and we can plan the marketing and promotions that suit your clients and your business.

Scheduling personal time off is also very important as it ensures that you have time to relax, clear your mind, and return to work refreshed. When you are clear and confidant about your schedule it creates a wonderful sense of well-being and clarity for you, your staff, and your clients.

Need help with these two important plans to help you run a wildly successful business, you can reach me by calling me at 510-545-2955 or emailing me at 



How do I establish a work / life balance?


When you say yes to striving for a work / life balance, you will gain clarity about what change or changes to implement.  For example, I have decided after many years behind-the-chair, I will now be taking every other Saturday off.  For a very long time it made sense for me to work every Saturday but as my businesses and personal life have changed: it is time for me to reevaluate my regular schedule and implement this particular change.  I am looking forward to being able to have more time to spend with family and friends during the weekends. This change will make a big difference to me and I trust my clients will adjust as we find time for them throughout the remainder of my schedule.

Introducing the Client Corner

Every month we will feature one of my clients in the spirit of helping each other in our businesses.

Pam Condie: Certified Professional Résumé Writer

My business mission statement is a favorite quotation from Benjamin Disraeli, a British Prime Minister: “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your gifts but to reveal to him his own.” 

When I worked in human resources I was fortunate enough to be trained in résumé writing by professional recruiters, the people who read and evaluate résumés every day as part of their jobs.  They know what belongs on a good résumé and what does not. The most valuable insight they taught me is that employers are only interested in hiring people who can solve their problems for them. Thus, my focus is to present my résumé clients as problem solvers.

A few years later I opened my own business, joined the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and passed that organization’s examination, becoming a Certified Professional Résumé Writer.

Even after more than 20 years of résumé writing, I still enjoy my clients, the process of getting to know who they are, and packaging them and their experience in the most effective ways.  I feel it is a privilege to be a part of helping people develop the tools they need to get them what they want, in this case the job interview. 

Hope you enjoyed this new feature of our Business Blog and will pass Pam's name on to clients and friends.

Business Trends

Some of you know I have been a vegetarian for over 28 years.  It turns out today more and more people have become vegetarian and vegans.  With this change in their lifestyle they have also looked to reduce animal cruelty in all aspects of their lives. Businesses have found a rise in interest in natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. This is especially true for beauty and hair products. I have always chosen my products to be cruelty free and am delighted that 2016 will see a continued growth in this trend.

Another trend is the higher expectations in customer service. Nowadays, everyone expects VIP treatment, and they're willing to spend more for it. When possible, offer luxury add-ons to make ensure your clients feel like royalty.  Everyone likes a bit of Downton Abbey in their life!

As we strive to keep up I trust you will have a great rest of the month, see you in February!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fresh Hair Fresh Year

HairQueen News

It's officially 2016! I hope everyone had a festive holiday season spent with family and friends. As the new years begins, it's time to try new things, retire old routines and make positive changes in your life.

Here in the boutique salon, things are changing as well. Marisa Fullerton is joining Swans Studios as a hairstylist in the front studio. For more information about Marisa check out her website at

As for yourself, one of the easiest changes you can make is to your hair. A new hairstyle or hair color can make you feel like a whole new you! Which leads us to the question of the month below.

Question of the Month


How do I update my look for the new year?


It's surprising what a difference a small change can make to freshen up a haircut or color.  Also a sight change can be drastic for some and pointless to others.

Start with looking at pictures of haircuts and colors that you like and bring them to your appointment.  During the consultation we can talk about which look could work for you and your hair.

Is it time for a fringe, time to shorten the length, go darker, go lighter, get some texture or shine?

Is this the year to grow out your grey or the year to dial it back a bit, by adding a few low-lights and or high-lights?

Let's chat and sort it out :)!

To get you thinking here are a few current trends.

Trends of the Season

70s Bangs

The current trend in the fashion word is a throwback to the bohemian look of the 1970s. And with that comes the return of the long 1970s bangs.

Tight Braids

Both of these trends can quickly and easily update your look so you feel fresh for the new year.

Before & After

For more inspiration, check out this recent hair transformation I did!


Discount of the Month

To help you achieve your new look for 2016, I'm offering 10% all hair products for the entire month of January! Stop by the salon and I'll help you pick out the perfect product for your hair and desired look.

For my consulting clients, I'm offering a special discount to help you get your year off to a good start.  Book a January appointment and get 10% off a second January appointment! So call me today at 510-545-2955 or email me at and we can discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.